Sharp Collections, Inc. has been family owned and operated since 1987.

Operations began small with a few clients in Lawrence, Beaver and Mercer County and have steadily grown year after year. Even with the continued growth we have maintained our impeccable service to all of our clients.

Our in-house staff of 18 people strives to attain the highest level of collection for each one of our customers – no matter how big or small. Our staff makeup includes collection professionals with decades of experience in telephone inquiries, processing mail, expedient delinquent collection and most importantly personal, professional taxpayer interaction.

Our staff is always ready to answer questions that either the tax collector or taxpayer may have. We can field questions via phone, mail or via the internet. Our main goal is to collect delinquent taxes and municipal debts with the utmost courtesy and respect to the taxpayer. Our notices have a toll-free telephone number for the convenience of the client and delinquent taxpayer.